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Terranav specialises in Microsoft Business Central ERP systems. We are a Microsoft Partner and provide consultancy and solutions for ERP solutions.

Kenyan Tea ERP System

In the lush landscapes of Kenya, the tea industry thrives, and so does the need for innovation and growth. At Terranav ERP, we are the pioneering ERP company that specialises in delivering cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions tailored explicitly for Kenya's vibrant tea sector. With our deep understanding of the industry's intricacies and our commitment to excellence, we help Kenyan tea businesses to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and flourish in the global market.

Mombasa Tea

Kenyan Integrated Tea Trading System

Terranav's Tea ERP solution has a direct link with the Kenya Integrated Tea Trading System (ITTS) through an API interface. At Terranav we specialise in the electronic auction integration like no other ERP solution. The Terranav ERP solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP which is a market leading solution for medium sized companies. By utilising direct API links to ITTS, Terranav has driven new efficiencies in the auction process. Broker's invoices automatically entered into the ERP system. Blends can be created using the functionality within Microsoft Dynamics. Sales Orders and Shipping processed through multiple warehouses. Stock and finances are accurately recorded and tracked.

The old auction system in Mombasa, Kenya was replaced by ITTS in 2021 and tea brokers, suppliers and customers need to take advantage of these changes. Terranav has the local expertise and is trusted to provide a robust, successful ERP solution.

Mombasa Auction


As tea businesses face the ever-changing winds of global markets, agility and adaptability have become the key to survival. Terranav's ERP solution, based on the versatile Microsoft Business Central, enables tea companies to respond swiftly to market demands. With a modular and scalable framework, businesses can seamlessly add new features and adapt the system to evolving requirements, setting a new standard for agility in the tea industry.

Data ERP
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