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ERP Inventory Stock System


At Terranav, we understand the importance of cybersecurity for your business. Our knowledge provides top-of-the-line protection against cyber threats, keeping your business and clients safe.

Terranav specialise in ERP solutions for the Kenyan Tea Industry. Our technology integrates directly with the Kenyan ITTS utilising the ITTS API. The Terranav ERP Tea solution is built upon Microsoft's Business Central ERP solution.

Terranav are experts in Data and Business Intelligence. We have built some of the biggest data analysis systems in the world. We understand the business needs and provide solutions for analysis and Machine Learning.

Data Networks

Become Obsessed with Success

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, organizations face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. To thrive and remain competitive, embracing business transformation has become imperative.

At Terranav, we believe that transformation is not just a means of survival; it is the key to unlocking sustainable growth and unleashing an organization’s full potential. Through our strategic insights, innovative methodologies, and deep industry expertise, we partner with businesses worldwide to navigate complexities and chart a transformative path towards success.

The Transformative Imperative

In an era defined by disruptive technologies, shifting consumer preferences, and global uncertainties, the status quo is no longer enough. Business transformation goes beyond mere adaptation; it requires a fundamental shift in mindset and operations. At Terranav, we help organizations recognise the transformative imperative, encouraging them to embrace change as an opportunity for growth, rather than a threat to their stability.

Putting People First

Business transformation is not just about processes and technology; it’s about people. We understand that engaged and empowered employees are at the heart of any successful transformation. Our change management experts work hand in hand with clients to inspire and mobilize their workforce, fostering a culture of resilience and openness to change.

Visionary Strategy, Groundbreaking Results

Successful business transformation starts with a clear and visionary strategy. Our experts work closely with clients to identify and articulate their strategic goals, tailoring solutions to meet their unique needs. Leveraging data-driven insights and market intelligence, we equip businesses with the knowledge to make informed decisions that drive lasting impact

Agility in Execution

In a rapidly evolving world, agility is the cornerstone of effective transformation. Our approach emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, enabling organizations to navigate uncertainties with confidence. We break down complex transformation journeys into manageable phases, fostering an iterative process that allows for quick adjustments and continual improvement.




Terranav is a technology company specializing in cybersecurity, ERP, and Data solutions. Our team of experts have years of experience in the technology industry, and we strive to provide inspiring solutions for businesses of all sizes.


At Terranav, our vision is to empower businesses with technology solutions that drive growth and success. We believe in innovation, efficiency, and security, and our goal is to help businesses achieve their full potential.


Terranav's technology is designed to meet the unique needs of each business we work with. Our solutions are customizable, scalable, and secure, providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed.


Tel: 07882 194435

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